Music is the Key

Ensemble Vivant performing for dementia patients

Music is the Key

Euterpe’s flagship performing group – Ensemble Vivant

Tom Mueller Cello

Tom Mueller, Cello

October 10, 1965 – August 10, 2022

It is with tremendous sadness that I write about the passing of Euterpe: Music Is The Key’s beloved cellist, Tom Mueller.


The ancient Greeks understood the tremendous healing and transformative powers of music in the life of the individual and in communities as a whole. Origins and Lineage and The Essence of the Ephemeral “Magic” in Music.

Modern day science has corroborated the intuitive wisdom of ancient cultures with empirical evidence as to the enormous health benefits that music provides for all humans both psychically and physically. Music in Homo Sapiens. Compelling scientific documentation has demonstrated that active participation in listening to and making live music has profound educational, artistic and health benefits. Unlike speech and virtually all other activities, music activates all regions of the brain, which explains why dementia patients, for example, remember music when all else is forgotten.  It is widely documented that early exposure to music is of paramount importance in the healthy development of the brain.

EUTERPE: Music Is The Key, named after the Greek Muse of Music, is a well-established registered not-for-profit charity. For more than 15 years, Euterpe: Music Is The Key has been at the forefront ensuring that those least likely to have access to LIVE and VIRTUAL high-calibre, stylistically diverse educational performance programs of Classical, Jazz, and related musical styles, are given these life-enhancing opportunities, free-of-charge to the recipients. CHILDREN, especially those in underserved Canadian communities, and SENIORS are Euterpe’s principal focus.

Euterpe, Music is the Key

Euterpe believes that everyone has the right to be exposed to these musical opportunities and thereby receive the life-enhancing benefits that this music is known to provide.

Adrian Bent, Drummer & Composer

“Euterpe: Music Is The Key exposes young children (and others) to different musical genres that pretty well all of them are not exposed to, like Classical and Jazz, played at a world-class level. This music is so important…

Ismael Paris

Ismael Paris, Trent University Student

“I was in grade 6 when I was exposed to Classical and Jazz music through Euterpe: Music Is The Key. I remember we were sitting on the gym floor and all of this experience was so fascinating to me – everything was just perfect …

Music Is The Key in Early Brain Development

Classical and jazz can benefit on deeper levels because of the complexity of the structure and of the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic development.

Why Early Exposure to Music is Essential

There is compelling scientific documentation that has demonstrated that active participation in listening to and making live music has profound educational and health benefits, and that the earlier a child is given the opportunity, the better.

Is Music for EVERYONE or Only for the Wealthy?

Although modern researchers have confirmed the intuitive wisdom of the ancients, vitally important music programs remain unavailable to the vast majority of children in our country. 

Euterpe in Durham Region Schools

It is well-documented that classical, jazz and related musical styles are immensely important for the young developing mind, providing innumerable health and life-enhancing benefits for children that last throughout their lives.

Why Donate

Your donation allows Euterpe to reach many more children and others who would not otherwise be exposed to the nurturing and other benefits of the positive power of a Euterpe musical experience.

Donations Count

Euterpe appreciates your support in our efforts to spread a deeper understanding and relationship with music. 




Euterpe Performances




Ensemble Vivant performed at the inaugural concert of McMaster University’s LIVE LAB: MIMM (McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind)

Music and Healing: Progress Towards Elysium

How Music is Healing Psychically, Physically and Spiritually

EUTERPE Founder and Artistic Director Catherine Wilson was invited to present her PhD research at the Medical Humanities Conference at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, May 7-8, 2016.

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Dearest Catherine, I received a wonderful message from the children on the 8th floor Oncology ward who could not come down to the Atrium main floor of SickKids because of their medical issues. They heard Ensemble Vivant’s beautiful music spiralling up to the 8th floor and wanted me to let you know that it was heavenly and that they loved it. You reached so many children sick in hospital today.


Dr. Ingrid Tein, MD, FRCP(C)
Staff Neurologist, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

An exquisite experience, thank you so much. I cannot begin to express the range of feelings, thoughts, responses – physical, emotional, intellectual (cognitive) that this journey has evoked. The Euterpe musicians are brilliant and their depth of artistry is profound.


Catherine Blue, Teacher, Montessori/Bahai

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