We Transform Lives Through Music

For two decades Euterpe: Music Is The Key has been making a profound difference in the lives of tens of thousands of underserved children and seniors.

Learning music and participating in music-making activities has life-long educational, artistic and health benefits. For 20 years our programs have inspired children to want to learn music and to make music with others. Music education enhances children’s mental health and academic learning yet is absent in many schools and faces elimination in many more.

Our children are hungry for the benefits that music provides.

Help us plant the musical seeds our children need to grow.

See what Euterpe has been up to!

Victoria Abiodun

Victoria Abiodun

Victoria was in Grade 5 in 2023 when she experienced Euterpe: Music Is The Key’s program at her underserved school in the Jane/Finch area of Toronto. Following the program she approached pianist Catherine Wilson with unbounded enthusiasm asking for drums. Victoria...

Ludwig Van Toronto

Ludwig Van Toronto

EUTERPE: Music Is The Key’s public thank you to Ontario Trillium Foundation occurred at Toronto’s Arts and Letters Club on Monday, April 22, 2024 and covered by Ludwig Van.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant Thank You

Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant Thank You

Euterpe: Music Is The Key’s public thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), at Toronto’s Arts and Letters Club on April 22, 2024, where MPP Peter Tabuns who honoured this important achievement, thanking Euterpe: and OTF.

How You Can Get Involved

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What We See!

We witness the awe, the fascination, the excitement and the pure joy among children who have never seen a grand piano, string instruments, horns and more, let alone hear them played by world class artists. We witness the tears of joy and gratitude among seniors.

No matter the demographic, our programs inspire a magical experience that has lasting artistic, educational and health benefits.

Join Us

You too can be part of this tremendously rewarding experience by donating to Euterpe: Music Is The Key, a registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to making the world a more harmonious place.

Join us today and make a lasting impact.

Euterpe Projects

We’re working hard to bring music to the children in their schools and seniors in retirement homes.


Part of Euterpe’s commitment to children who experience our programs is providing instruments and lessons for those children who reach out to us expressing their desire to play a specific instrument.


Support Mentorship

School Shows

Ontario Trillium Foundation Sponsors Euterpe: Music Is The Key to bring our evidence-based, inspiring interactive music education performance programs to 37 underserved schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

Invest in Our Kids

Music Education Videos

Euterpe: Music Is The Key created a series of 6 music education performance videos for Canadian school children.


Help Us Make More Videos

Live Music in Retirement Homes

Euterpe’s flagship performance group, Ensemble Vivant, provides richly diverse magical performance programs, both LIVE and VIRTUAL, to retirement homes.


Help Us Support Our Seniors

Helping Children and Seniors

We thank you, as do the children and seniors whose lives you’ll touch.

Children Dancing to the Music

Featured Foundation Sponsors

Ontario Trillium Foundation
Foundation Trillium de l’Ontario

Canada Council for the Arts
Counseil des arts du Canada

Yamaha Canada Limited

Your donation is music to their ears!

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