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EUTERPE, named after the Greek Muse of Music, is a well-established registered non-profit charity which brings LIVE, high calibre, interactive, fun, educational performances of classical, jazz and related musical styles to those who might not otherwise be exposed to these life-enhancing opportunities.


With a principal focus on children, these unique opportunities allow children
to participate
 in the performances in a variety of fun, creative ways.


Most children today are not exposed to these musical genres, which are known to provide inestimable benefits to the developing brain. Euterpe’s inspirational experiences awaken young minds to the joy of this music leading children to want to hear more of this music, to play a musical instrument and to make music with others.


Euterpe’s invaluable musical initiatives have been endorsed by the scientific community and have been enriching the lives of children and their communities for over a dozen years.


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Music is the Key

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Euterpe in Durham Region Schools

Euterpe in Durham Region Schools

“To Wake the Soul by Tender Strokes of Art” Bringing the Best in Live Music to Schools in Durham and Beyond By: John Arkelian ENSEMBLE VIVANT, Euterpe’s flagship performance group, along with other world-class musicians, have been enriching the lives of children and...

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SickKids, Toronto – December, 2018

SickKids, Toronto – December, 2018

Ensemble Vivant performers: Catherine Wilson, piano; Corey Gemmell, violin; Norman Hathaway, viola; Sybil Shanahan, cello; Jim Vivian, bass Ensemble Vivant performed for the patients, their families, and the staff at The Hospital for Sick...

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Your donation allows Euterpe to reach many more children and others who would not otherwise be exposed to the nurturing and other benefits of the positive power of a Euterpe musical experience.

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Euterpe Performances




An exquisite experience, thank you so much. I cannot begin to express the range of feelings, thoughts, responses – physical, emotional, intellectual (cognitive) that this journey has evoked. The Euterpe musicians are brilliant and their depth of artistry is profound.

– Catherine Blue, Montessori teacher/Bahai teacher

Beautiful, moving, soothing, profound – a truly wonderful experience of words and music. Today’s performance has inspired me and will have a deep impact on my life. I will re-evaluate the way I listen to music. Thank you so much.

-Philip Oldfield, Professor, University of Toronto

The wonderful interactive high-calibre performances of classical and jazz music that Euterpe brings to our children and youth are of vital importance for planting the seeds of music in our lives and putting people on a path to be enriched by the benefits of music.

– C. Laurel Trainor, Ph.D., Director, McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University

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Music is the Key

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