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Your donation helps keep Euterpe at the forefront of providing LIVE, high-calibre performances of quality music, free of charge, for children and others who might not be exposed to these life-enhancing opportunities. At present, 100% of all funds received are dedicated to Euterpe’s performance initiatives. Euterpe targets those in need, including children in the public-school system, care facilities, such as the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), retirement homes, and a variety of community outreach programs. Your support encourages these important initiatives.

Your donation keeps Euterpe at the forefront of restoring our essential connection to the musical forms of classical, jazz and related styles. Most children listen to popular forms through a piece of technology, and the vast majority of children have not been exposed to classical, jazz and related styles. Yet these musical forms are known to provide inestimable benefits for the young developing mind and are known to have tremendous health and other benefits for people of all ages, throughout one’s life.

In Canada, music in the public-school system, for example, is considered to be a frill, to be dispensable. Children have the right to be nurtured by this music, and to have the chance to reap the life-enhancing benefits that this music is known to provide. Children, no matter the demographic, who experience a live performance by the world-class Euterpe performers want to hear more of this music. These rich and lasting musical experiences plant the seed, and lead to many of the children to play a musical instrument, learn music, sing in a choir, play in a band, and hear more of this music performed at this level, thereby building audiences of the future.

One-Time Donation to Euterpe Label One-Time Donation

Euterpe is Grateful

Euterpe appreciates your support in our efforts to spread a deeper understanding and relationship with music.

Monthly Donation to Euterpe Label Monthly Donation

Become a Muse

By joining our monthly giving program, you are providing Euterpe with a steady stream of revenue needed to continue our vital mandate of presenting free, interactive and educational performances. It enables us to bring high-quality music to underserved communities including: public school children, hospitals, care facilities and retirement homes.

Becoming a MUSE has advantages for you as well:

  • Affordable – Monthly supporters find it more manageable to give 12 small donations as opposed to one or two larger gifts throughout the year.
  • Easy and Convenient – On the first day of each month, we’ll securely receive your monthly gift from your credit card or bank account automatically.
  • Flexible – You can change or even cancel your support at any time with a simple phone call or email.*
  • Efficient – Every February, we’ll send you one tax receipt for the total sum of all your donations made the previous year.**

Donation Information

Please provide your contact and payment information. The contact information is required to generate a tax receipt. The tax receipt will be sent to the address that you provide.

*I understand that I can alter or cancel my monthly donation at any time by contacting Euterpe directly.

**You will receive by February of each year, an annual consolidated tax receipt for your total monthly contributions from the previous year.

Legacy Donation to Euterpe Label Legacy Donation

Create a legacy with music

Talk to your financial advisor and Euterpe today about making a planned gift to the foundation, such as a bequest, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, charitable remainder trust, marketable securities, RRSP or RRIF. For more information, please send your inquiry to

Planned Giving

By leaving a planned gift to Euterpe, you become a member of the MUSE’s SPRING and play an important role in the future of Euterpe while establishing a personal legacy, helping to awaken young minds to music for years to come.

What is a planned gift?

Leaving a planned gift – such as a bequest in your will, a gift of stock, or a gift of life insurance – is an excellent way to ensure the future of Euterpe. It also allows you to plan future gifts to maximize tax and other advantages with a bequest or other future-gift commitment.

If you are currently preparing your will, you may choose to direct your gift to Euterpe in the following manner:

  1. Legal name: Euterpe Corporation
  2. Registered Charitable #: 85231 1034 RR0001 
  3. “I give $__________ (or % of estate or estate residue) to Euterpe, presently located at 44 Simpson Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1A2

How to become a member of the MUSE’s SPRING

While your planned gift will be realized in the future, by letting us know of your intention to include Euterpe in your estate plans, you will become a lifetime member of the MUSE’s SPRING.

Deferred gifts, particularly bequests including cash, securities, real estate, annuities, life-insurance proceeds, RRIFs, RSPs, pensions, and gifts in kind, are all eligible. 

If you wish to be acknowledged as a MUSE’s SPRING member, please confirm your gift in writing.

Euterpe is a musical, not-for-profit charitable organization.  Our Registered Charity # is: 85231 1034 RR0001 and we are pleased to provide a tax receipt for every donation of $20.00 or more.  We are appreciative of every gift no matter what the size because we know that your caring for music in all our lives makes this possible.

Music Is The Key

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You can support Euterpe by donation; your generous gift will help us provide invaluable benefits that are truly priceless.

Charitable Registration #: 85231 1034 RR0001

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