Ensemble Vivant concert for the Muskoka Concert Association. This was the fourth time that Ensemble Vivant has been invited to be part of this concert series. The concerts took place at the Gravenhurst Opera House in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

For this concert, Euterpe Corporation sponsored Ensemble Vivant performing for the entire student body at the Gravenhurst Public School and for the residents at the Granite Ridge Retirement Home in Gravenhurst.

The following review from the Muskoka Concert Association is representative of the feedback from every Ensemble Vivant concert:

“Ensemble Vivant’s performance for the Muskoka Concert Association on November 9, 2018 at the historic Gravenhurst Opera House, was the perfect concert experience! The joy created by Ensemble Vivant’s performance was obvious from the demeanour of the audience members, who were bubbling with enthusiasm, and from the droves of comments received about Ensemble Vivant’s virtuosity and musicality. The audience also loved the group’s appealing interaction with the audience and the innovative program of beautiful chamber music that segued from Classical to Ragtime, Latin and other Jazz related styles, all accompanied with humour and wit as well as informative, interesting and entertaining commentary. The audience was thrilled, and Ensemble Vivant received well-deserved standing ovations. Every audience member left with smiles on their faces. We are all very aware that the music education of our youth is suffering, and we greatly appreciated Ensemble Vivant’s contribution to providing quality music in our community. Thanks to Euterpe Corporation, the group played concerts at a local elementary school and at a retirement residence, providing inspiring performances that plant musical seeds and which enrich people’s lives in multiple ways. Ensemble Vivant has performed for our series several times over the group’s career, and we thank you so much for returning during our 2018/19 season. We anticipate and look forward to your next concert for the Muskoka Concert Association.

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