Although modern researchers have confirmed the intuitive wisdom of the ancients, vitally important music programs remain unavailable to the vast majority of children in our country. 

A few generations ago, wonderful music programs thrived in the public schools. It was due to those programs that most students received the benefits that music is known to provide. For example, it was normal for students in the past to be involved in group music-making at their schools, such as singing in a choir, or playing in a band or orchestra. These activities enhance focus, aid in academic learning, social cooperation and synchrony of movement. They also create social bonding and foster empathy, self-esteem, a feeling of purpose, and are known to contribute in multiple ways to overall individual and community well being. 

For many years, ongoing steep cutbacks have reduced music in the public schools to bare bones. Euterpe musicians have performed in schools where coffee tins are provided in lieu of drums. Many schools do not have a qualified music teacher, either full-time or itinerate.

Ancient cultures were keenly aware of the vital importance of music for our species. They knew of the transformative effects that music has on humans, and they knew that music is empowering and healing both emotionally and physically, and that it is the key to an individual’s healthy soul and body. Although the wisdom of ancient cultures has been confirmed by modern researchers, the vast majority of children in our society are not given the opportunity for quality music training on proper instruments or group music-making. Children are dependent on the teachings in the schools. All children have the right to be nurtured and enriched by the multiple life-enhancing benefits that music affords. Tragically, the vast majority of children in our country are denied this right.

Music Is The Key

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