Ismael Paris

Ismael is proud to be the Ambassador for Euterpe: Music Is The Key’s Youth Advisory Board.

Ismael Paris is a 20-year-old student at Trent University. He has performed in many different musicals at Wexford, including Dear Evan Hansen for Mirvish productions and in the musical Hamilton. Ismael is also a recording artist with a variety of original songs out in the marketplace. Hear him on SoundCloud.

When Ismael was a 12-year-old student at Knob Hill Public School in Scarborough, Ontario, he experienced a Euterpe music education performance program at his school. Ismael approached pianist Catherine Wilson and said: “because of hearing you play the piano, I have to play the piano too, I just have to.”  Get the full story here – The Story of Ismael.

Ismael tells how Euterpe, Music is the Key has changed his life in his testimonial.

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