Ensemble Vivant’s performances for the residents at 9 Levante Homes during the fall of 2022 received critical acclaim, with residents and staff pleading for the group to return as soon and as often as possible. This response resulted in Levante awarding Euterpe: Music Is The Key a second grant to engage Ensemble Vivant to perform at 12 Levante Homes in the fall of 2023. This project ran from October 10, 2023 to January 28, 2024.

As with the the group’s performances in the fall of 2022, the residents were visibly mesmerized. The performers witnessed tears of joy during and following each performance.

Below are some heartfelt comments expressed by residents and staff following Ensemble Vivant’s concerts for this project.

Ensemble Vivant performers:

Catherine Wilson, piano
Sarah Boyer, violin
Norman Hathaway, viola
George Koller, bass

Ensemble Vivant performing at Levante Living Retirement Home
“I cannot explain the mesmerizing and magical moments each piece brought out, not to mention a few tears. Catherine and the band are such wonderful performers, but not just that, they truly care and are passionate about seeing the joy that their gift brings to the residents.”

Susan McCool, Recreation Director,
James Street Residence

“Your concerts have affected me more deeply and touched my heart more profoundly than any concert experiences in my entire life.”

Resident, Villa de Rose, Welland

“Your music is so beautiful and made me feel so special and so happy. I cannot express properly how much your playing has helped me. If you could play here once a week, that would be a dream come true. Please come back very soon.”

Resident, Roseglen Village, Port Hope

“Kelso Villa Residents were mesmerized with the experience that Ensemble Vivant’s performance brought to all whom attended. Looking around the room, I saw firsthand how some many, closed their eyes and were taken to Carnegie Hall. Our residents moved their hands like the conductors, tears filled their eyes with memoires and pure joy of the music.

Watching the members of Ensemble Vivant as they showed true emotion and passion as they played for our residents, share their love of the classic with everyone in the room.

Many of our residents were asking when they were returning during their warming up session. As soon as a note was strummed, or a key on the Piano was playing the residents gathered in the Dining room, for an afternoon of moving, soothing and memorizing music.

Thank you, Ensemble Vivant for a beautiful performance, and we hope to be able to enjoy your talents for many years to come.”

Rhonda Laws, Recreation Manager, Kelso Villa

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