Adrian Bent, Drummer

Adrian Bent, celebrated drummer for DRAKE, Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Daniel Caesar, Stevie Wonder and others has joined forces with Euterpe Corporation: Music Is The Key. He shares the same philosophy as Euterpe: Music Is The Key, believing that all children have the right to be nurtured by music that is known to have life-enhancing benefits.

A registered not-for-proft charity (2006), Euterpe: Music Is The Key has delivered unique evidence-based music education performance programs to Canadian schoolchildren for over 15 years, free-of-charge. These programs have proven to have a tremendously positive impact on children of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Focused on Classical, Jazz and related musical styles, music which the vast majority of Canadian children are not exposed to, Adrian talks about the importance of this music for all children and how Euterpe: Music Is The Key’s programs are so inspirational for children. He talks about the intricacy that comes with Classical music and how it really opened up his mind and ears and he says that you have this music from a young age it propels you throughout life. Adrian has expressed his love of performing with the artists of Euterpe: Music Is the Key and he is prominently featured in our Canada Council For The Arts music education video series, and he performs with Ensemble Vivant, Euterpe’s flagship performance group, on their critically acclaimed live video performance of iFugue.

Music Is The Key

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