The earlier one is exposed to the benefits of music the more enriched one’s life has the chance to be. 

There is compelling scientific documentation that has demonstrated that active participation in listening to and making live music has profound educational and health benefits, and that the earlier a child is given the opportunity, the better. Hearing consonant, lyrical lullabies as a baby can calm the infant and induce sleep. Giving children the opportunity to hear great music from early on is critical in helping to create order in the brain. 

A child is never too young to hear high-calibre performances of classical music, or to learn music and to participate in group music-making. The impulse to move to the beat of the music is instinctive in toddlers, with the natural impulse to move to the music creating synchrony of movement and development of the child’s natural rhythm. Enriching children’s lives with great music should be a way of life, from exposure to live high-calibre performances to active participation in learning music and in-group music-making.

No matter what an individual’s path in life will be, having a rich background in music starting from infancy should be a normal way of living. Every child should be given the chance to receive the life-enhancing benefits that great music provides. Some of these benefits include aiding in academic learning and social cooperation, fostering empathy and sense of purpose, and multiple health benefits that contribute to the individual’s well-being throughout life.

Music-making also develops tremendous focus and discipline, and when children are involved with this early on, they become much better equipped in life. Music is the Key to many a successful person, no matter the walk of life pursued.

Music Is The Key

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