Ensemble Vivant performed for the SUNFEST World Music and Jazz Series. This is the third time that the group has performed for this series, and judging by the audience feedback, and word from the board of directors, Ensemble Vivant will be returning for another magical performance at London’s Aeolian Hall.

Thanks to Euterpe Corporation, Ensemble Vivant performed during the afternoon on March 23rd for hundreds of children at Woodland Heights Public School in London.  It was abundantly clear from the kid’s reactions and responses that this experience was enlivening and enriching for them in a lasting way. 

The Euterpe musicians were:

  • Catherine Wilson, piano;
  • Corey Gemmell, violin;
  • Norman Hathaway, viola;
  • Sybil Shanahan, cello;
  • Jim Vivian, bass;
  • Mike Murley, sax;
  • Kevin Turcotte, trumpet/flugelhorn;
  • Barry Elmes, drums.
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