Music is the Key Video

This compelling video was filmed and recorded LIVE at various Euterpe events beginning in November, 2011 through to October 2018. Brilliantly captured are the spontaneous, joyous reactions and responses of the children, all of which are consistent with the reactions...

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Euterpe in Durham Region Schools

“To Wake the Soul by Tender Strokes of Art” Bringing the Best in Live Music to Schools in Durham and Beyond By: John Arkelian ENSEMBLE VIVANT, Euterpe’s flagship performance group, along with other world-class musicians, have been enriching the lives of children and...

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SickKids, Toronto – December, 2018

Ensemble Vivant performers: Catherine Wilson, piano; Corey Gemmell, violin; Norman Hathaway, viola; Sybil Shanahan, cello; Jim Vivian, bass Ensemble Vivant performed for the patients, their families, and the staff at The Hospital for Sick...

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Why Early Exposure to Music is Essential

The earlier one is exposed to the benefits of music the more enriched one’s life has the chance to be. There is compelling scientific documentation that has demonstrated that active participation in listening to and making live music has profound...

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Music Is The Key in Early Brain Development

Classical and jazz can benefit on deeper levels because of the complexity of the structure and of the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic development. It is well documented that early exposure to music is of paramount importance in the healthy development...

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Euterpe and Reaching Out Through Music – Nov 2018

Ensemble Vivant, Euterpe's flagship performance group, performed 3 concerts for the student body of 750 children on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018 in St. James Town at Rose Avenue Jr. Public School: First Performance: JK & SK; Second Performance: Grades 1-3; and Third...

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Gravenhurst Performances – November 2018

Ensemble Vivant concert for the Muskoka Concert Association. This was the fourth time that Ensemble Vivant has been invited to be part of this concert series. The concerts took place at the Gravenhurst Opera House in Gravenhurst, Ontario. For this...

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Is Music for EVERYONE or Only for the Wealthy?

Although modern researchers have confirmed the intuitive wisdom of the ancients, vitally important music programs remain unavailable to the vast majority of children in our country. A few generations ago, wonderful music programs thrived in the...

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Thomas A. Scott HS, Peterborough

Ensemble Vivant performed for Performing Arts Lakefield concert series (PAL). This was Ensemble Vivant’s second appearance on this wonderful concert series. The following review from Performing Arts Lakefield is representative of the feedback from every Ensemble...

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Music is the Key

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